Revenue Management papers and talks of William Swan
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Pricing and Revenue Management Slides PPT

Pricing & RM Slides Word DOC
Pricing & RM Slides Word Shorter DOC

Pricing & RM Slides Part 1
Pricing & RM Slides Part 2a
Pricing & RM Slides Part 2b

Bid Pricing for Revenue Management Networks

Future Bid Pricing

Rev Mgt Buckets form a Decision Tree
Rev Mgt Decision Trees

Distributions for Rev Mgt Demand
Variances for Rev Mgt Demands Word Slides
Variances for Rev Mgt DOC

Nesting Rev Mgt Buckets

Overbooking Slides
Overbooking Doc

Forecasting for Revenue Management
Forecasting Biases
Much of this stuff is very old and I have not looked at it for a long time.  However, the last time I looked, it
was still correct on the fundamentals.  And I find some of these that were advanced and adventurous long
ago have become mainstream and are undoubtedly better presented elsewhere.  At the time I was
working on Revenue Management, I was not using Power Point, so the slide shows are in Word!