Airline Industry Related papers and talks of William Swan
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Abstracts and CV
  CV of William Swan
Route Networks
History of Route Development
  History and Hubs
  Congestion Slides
If you click on the various underlined texts, your computer will download and open either a word document or a set of
power-point slides.  (Some slides have significant content in the notes pages.)   Some of these are finished documents,
some are fragments, and some are just plain incomplete.  In many cases the same basic research has been recycled into
various presentations.  All this stuff is here to be shared.  If you like, you can contact the author at   If you are from a university, please know that the author generally accepts invitations to
present any of this work to students and faculty, provided transportation costs are paid.  If you are from a for-profit company or
government agency, the author is available for consulting at the rate of $1600US per day, plus travel expenses.  However, I
am happily retired, I have enough money, and I am quite busy with the next phase of my life, which emphasizes Argentine
tango at present.  So I am not actively trying to drum up work, but I am happy to be involved in anything that is interesting.
Misunderstandings Talk
Industry Misunderstandings Slides
   Short form of Misunderstandings Slides
   Paper "Misunderstandings"
Airline Evolution
Evolution Talk
   Shorter Evolution Talk
Airports --
Everybody's Interface, nobody's system   
Consolidation in the Airline Industry
Consolidation Abstract
   Consolidation Paper
   Consolidation Slides
Fare Patterns and Trends
Fare Trends Abstract
   Fare Trends paper
   Fare Trends slides
   Fares In Connecting Markets
Fleet Planning
Fleet Planning Abstract
   Fleet Planning Slides
Forecasting Air Travel Demand
Forecasting Abstract
   Forecasting Slides
   Forecasting Open Skies (in work)
Fuel Hedging Fundamentals
Fuel Hedging Abstract
   Fuel Hedging Paper
How Airlines Compete -- a game
How Airlines Compete Abstract
   How Airlines Compete paper
   How Airlines Compete Slides
   How Airlines Compete Slides 2007         
Airplane Noise
 Noise Abstract
   Noise Impact by Aircraft Size
   Noise Per Seat Slides
   Add Frequency, Reduce Noise
Value of Nonstop Service
Nonstops Stimulate Paper
   Value of a Nonstop Slides
Turn Times, Speed, and Ownership Costs
Turn Times vs Size and Distance
   Adjusting Utilization for Turns or Speed
    Turn vs Ownership Chart
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Spill Model Documents Page
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